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Alligator Card 1 Four Leaf Clover Accessory
Anopheles Card 1 Accessory of Value
Armeyer Dinze Card 1 Stamina Accessory
Baroness of Retribution Card 1 Snack Accessory
Beholder Card 1 Magic Cancel Accessory
Berzebub Card 1 MVP Accessory of Bigmouth
Blazzer Card 1 Rationing Accessory
Bloody Butterfly Card 1 Spell Flow Accessory
Bongun Card 1 Accessory of Knock-Back
Cloud Hermit Card 1 Dark Sky Accessory
Cookie Card 1 Accessory of Chance
Creamy Card 1 Teleport Accessory
Dragon Egg Card 1 Drink Accessory
Dumpling Kid Card 1 Sweet Scented Accessory
Errende Ebecee Card 1 Anti Arrow Accessory
Galapago Card 1 Sprightly Accessory
Galion Card 1 Accessory of Sharkia
Gargoyle Card 1 Accessory of Serenity
Gazeti Card 1 Accessory of Hail
Greatest General Card 1 Mana Sphere Accessory
Gremlin Card 1 Healthy Accessory
Grove Card 1 Sweety Accessory
Heater Card 1 Evasion Accessory
Hell Poodle Card 1 Rabid Accessory
Hermit Plant Card 1 Refreshing Accessory
Horong Card 1 Clairvoyant Accessory
Hydrolancer Card 1 Magic Eater Accessory
Hylozoist Card 1 Polymorphic Accessory
Ifrit Card 1 MVP Accessory of Inferno
Imp Card 1 Accessory of Ignis
Jing Guai Card 1 Accessory of Dawn
Joker Card 1 Accessory of Moonlight
Kobold Card 1 Accessory of Counter
Kukre Card 1 Athletic Accessory
Lude Card 1 Accessory of Patience
Mantis Card 1 Accessory of Mustle
Marin Card 1 Accessory of Jellopy
Marine Sphere Card 1 Blast Accessory
Mimic Card 1 Blue Cubic Accessory
Muka Card 1 Robust Accessory
Obeaune Card 1 Cure Accessory
Orc Archer Card 1 Desirable Accessory
Osiris Card 1 MVP Accessory of Eternity
Owl Baron Card 1 Accessory of Doubled Power
Owl Duke Card 1 Accessory of Godly Wrath
Phen Card 1 Accessory Under a Cast
Pirate Skel Card 1 Discount Accessory
Plasma Card 1 Elemental Accessory
Poison Spore Card 1 Poison Accessory
Poisonous Toad Card 1 Shoving Accessory
PoPoring Card 1 Detoxication Accessory
Quve Card 1 Sneaky Accessory
Ragged Zombie Card 1 Lunatic Accessory
Raydric Archer Card 1 Accessory of the Spooky Night
Sage Worm Card 1 Magic Stone Accessory
Sea-Otter Card 1 Ocean Scented Accessory
Shinobi Card 1 Coward\'s Accessory
Siroma Card 1 Accessory of Yana
Sleeper Card 1 Accessory of Siesta
Smokie Card 1 Hiding Accessory
Snowier Card 1 Sweet Accessory
Spore Card 1 Accessory of Spore
Spring Rabbit Card 1 Roast Scented Accessory
Stapo Card 1 Stony Accessory
Stem Worm Card 1 Monsoon Accessory
Tarou Card 1 Double-forced Accessory
Tengu Card 1 Accessory of Reservoir
Violy Card 1 Fiddler\'s Accessory
Vitata Card 1 Healing Accessory
Wickebine Tres Card 1 Gangster Accessory
Wind Ghost Card 1 Thunderbolt Accessory
Wormtail Card 1 Clever Accessory
Wraith Card 1 Accessory of Last Laugh
Yoyo Card 1 Accessory of Flash
Zerom Card 1 Nimble Accessory
Zhu Po Long Card 1 Swift Accessory